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Axiomatic stable homotopy categories
Wolcott, Henning, Wilson, Sanders, Robertson, Pauwels
Wolcott, Henning, Wilson, Stykow, Wu, Sanders, Hackney, Jugdev, Bohmann, Merling, Navkal, Zhu, Hank, Manlove, Pauwels, Ault, Bakshi
Bousfield localization
Wolcott, Sanders, Hackney, Navkal, Larson, Pauwels
Wolcott, Henning, Wilson, Stykow, Wu, Sanders, Hackney, Jugdev, Zhu, Browning, Mazel-Gee, Bohmann, Merling, Navkal, Gwilliam, Larson, Manlove, Pauwels, Bakshi
Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
Stykow, Gwilliam
Stykow, Wolcott, Walsh, Zhu, Gwilliam, Manlove
Transfer in stable homotopy theory
Henning, Ault, Walsh, Zhu, Bohmann, Merling, Sanders, Sprehn, Hoyer, Larson
Structured ring spectra (the Goerss-Hopkins-Miller theorem, ...)
Stykow, Robertson
Henning, Wilson, Stykow, Sanders, Jugdev, Zhu, Mazel-Gee, Bohmann, Merling, Hoyer, Larson, Hank, Manlove, Browning
Model categories
Wu, Hackney, Robertson, Navkal, Hank
Wu, Wolcott, Henning, Hackney, Jugdev, Zhu, Stykow, Merling, Navkal, Gwilliam, Hank, Manlove, Pauwels
Motivic homotopy theory
Sanders, Henning
Henning, Wu, Jugdev, Zhu, Stykow, Mazel-Gee, Bohmann, Merling, Navkal, Pauwels, Browning
Triangulated categories
Pauwels, Sanders, Wilson, Navkal
Henning, Wu, Hackney, Robertson, Wilson, Jugdev, Stykow, Navkal, Gwilliam, Hank, Pauwels, Zhu
Brown representability for triangulated categories
Sanders, Navkal
Henning, Wu, Hackney, Robertson, Stykow, Navkal, Pauwels, Bakshi
Modern foundations for the stable homotopy category (S-modules, symmetric spectra, ...)
Sanders, Henning, Wu, Wolcott, Hackney, Wilson, Ault, Jugdev, Zhu, Stykow, Mazel-Gee, Bohmann, Merling, Navkal, Hank, Manlove
Cohomology operations and the Steenrod algebra
Ault, Zhu, Mazel-Gee, Hoyer
Sanders, Wolcott, Ault, Hackney, Wilson, Zhu, Stykow, Bohmann, Merling, Wu, Sprehn, Larson, Suryanarayan, Hank
The homotopy type of the moduli space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
Walsh, Henning, Stykow, Wu, Gwilliam
Chromatic theory
Zhu, Bohmann
Zhu, Mazel-Gee, Merling, Wu, Hoyer, Larson, Hank, Manlove, Pauwels
Equivariant stable homotopy theory
Zhu, Stykow, Mazel-Gee, Bohmann, Merling, Wu, Henning, Sanders, Sprehn, Larson, Pauwels, Browning, Wolcott, Bakshi
Computational machineries in stable homotopy theory (spectral sequences, ...)
Hoyer, Larson
Zhu, Merling, Wu, Navkal, Sprehn, Hoyer, Gwilliam, Larson, Ault, Manlove, Bakshi
Topological quantum field theory
Stykow, Gwilliam
Zhu, Stykow, Wu, Walsh, Gwilliam, Browning, Manlove, Mazel-Gee
Calculus of functors

Zhu, Stykow, Navkal, Sanders, Gwilliam, Pauwels, Ault
Algebraic K-theory (& equivariant algebraic K-theory)
Merling, Navkal
Merling, Jugdev, Wu, Henning, Navkal, Sanders, Walsh, Hank, Pauwels, Browning, Mazel-Gee, Zhu, Wolcott
Operads, operad-algebras, and ring spectra
Hank, Mazel-Gee
Hank, Sanders, Browning, Ault, Zhu, Bakshi